US Election fraud and Supreme Court ruling may be needed

3 min readNov 25, 2020


@ Nov 25 2020, 12:00 AM

It amazes me what US president (Trump) has to handle. The amount of silly antics from the feminist media Trump is putting up with is ridiculous.

The democratic side are trying (already did) to rig the 2020 elections, just like Trump predicted well before. Its making sense to me. Manufactured votes, fake ballots, and votes suspiciously deleted or changed. Then pre-made software glitches or hacks on voting machines, over seas companies counting and reporting the votes, voting machines being hacked and that are made by a company from the candidate’s friend. But not only that, weighted vote numbers!?? Not 50 percent but something like 70/30 percentage against Trump. Not to mention, late ballots and mistreatment of ballot watchers. Trump’s legal team has plenty of evidence coming out. This sophisticated fraud was implemented in specific states and at accurate times. It is mind-boggling. President Trump was campaigning like hell while Joe Biden did a few closed rallies here and there because he was counting on the voting fraud game.

You see Trump firing a lot of prosecutors right now. He should have fired them when he took office. Instead he let his enemies of the state, people not on his side, and bad actors operate.

I talked about feminism before. A goal of feminists is normalize bizarre, psychotic behavior and appearance. Now, with this election fraud in the US, feminist governments and politicians are trying to normalize corruption and censoring. If President Trump lets the election fraud go through, it will add and advance future fraud. He is the one in the power to stop this.

Pretty bad what is happening with the US mainstream media. The news channels are claiming Biden as President and asking the public to accept it. Remember a time when you wanted to do something differently but got suppressed by the surroundings? Well, US media with their programming are trying to drain/suppress you and your energy from thoughts on who should be president.

Non-Americans and outsiders need to understand election fraud in the United States is a possibility. This election result is delayed and the real president should be decided after further investigation. I believe the real data, evidence, and statistics favors Trump. Attorney Sydney Powell noted that there is evidence of big tech money behind this and billionaires trying to get some control of the government. Take a look at all the censorship, banned accounts, banned URL and forums… etc.

Directions for Trump, he should not concede because the evidence points to fraud. US supreme court, holding an authority, should step out and decide to investigate. Trump supporters can handle with media attacks on President Trump but they will not stand for fraudulent behaviors to take political power. The US could be in a Civil War if this issue is improperly handled. I expect the military or special forces to get involved.

People who voted for Democrat candidates have to understand that the traditional democracy is now gone. The current democrats are corrupt and control (a form of hate) hungry.

US Supreme Court, the third branch of the government, has to do its job. No time limit on this since everyone wants a “fair and free election” result. You cannot place the wrong person there for 4 years. The question now is, when will the US Supreme Court make a ruling on the grounds of election fraud?