Thoughts on United States 2020 elections (T R U M P)

2 min readAug 19, 2020


(@ Aug 19 2020, 12:00 AM)

I instinctively avoid two things, feminism and politics. I am not interested in politics but Donald Trump is up for re-election, and he is someone trying to clean out politics and feminism.

My observations. I believe Trump will win a second term and win by a huge margin, “landslide victory” they call it. I’m overconfident, overestimating about it.

Trump is very unique because I haven’t seen a elected president receive such media resistance like this. The current media is dominated by feminists and use false info for manipulation. So when the media started attacking Trump, I looked at him with interest. Anything Trump tries to improve, the media and political culture stare daggers at him. Yet, he hasn’t buckled and is passing all their crap tests. Like Trump, many historical figures have received this same type of political persecution. One of them would be Jesus Christ. All the Roman politicians, mobs, and Babylonians were against him. But, we know who was victorious (Jesus has become one of the most influential figures.) In the same way, Trump is fighting against the politics and unknown evil.

He is making new deals with other countries leaders (Mexico, Canada, Israel, United Arab Emirates, India, Pakistan, etc). Coronavirus, the invisible Plague and big issue today, has gotten really bad through the world and a vaccination against it will come in fast track time under President Trump. Many good things President Trump is doing (cheap medicine, high production, rebuilding America). I saw his recent conference in NY, his speeches and message resonate with everyone. Trump is a natural leader.

For his second term, President Trump should triple his legislative agenda goals and over deliver (everything he has done in a single term, multiply it ten-fold). I’d say look into blockchain technologies, bigger military, and trade deals.