the future

Jan 19, 2021


Jan 19 2021, 12:00 AM


Part I (US post election thoughts on fraud and effects of political censoring. Joe Biden’s downward policies, war with Russia/Iran, and leaks. Assault/betrayal of President Trump)

Part II (Btc altcoin 2021 and full crypto portfolio, massive bitcoin dump coming, crazy bullish outlook for cryptocurrency)

Part III (severe economy depression coming for America and Western Civilization. 50% to 80% stocks market crash , bonds, debt defaults, and real estate collapse. Doomed economic outlook at this point)

Part IV (Donald Trump and The Resistance. Civil war, gangs, and violence inevitable. Today’s Communist/socialism issue and one solution)

Part V (Offline letter for Trump on how to become ‘greatest’ political leader in history, complete instructions and logic)

Part VI (random thought and wonder)

I’ve been working on these long revealing posts and is done. However, I’m not in the mood to post it.