President Trump’s horoscope, actions against mail in votes and “bad” mainstream media

2 min readSep 18, 2020


@ Sept 18 2020, 12:00 AM


Current times require another Trump post. I read stuff on horoscopes and stars. While reading on Gemini, which is Donald Trump’s sign, I found two interesting points. Gemini have elements of law and sacrifice associated with them. Obviously Trump is instantly associated with laws but he has said he didn't need to be president, as he was living a super rich good life. Trump sacrificed that life and risked the wrath of other nations and leaders. Ironically, most of the world leaders support him and its the radical Marx fundamental group inside the United States that are against him. These radical groups also control most of mainstream media.

If you’re a reader from outside United States, understand that President Trump is fighting against a feminist and extremist ideology rampant in people’s mindset.

Also Trump has a issue with mail in voting fraud. I think he should go on the offensive with mail voting. Encourage voters to reject mailing in their vote and use his legal/social power all the way. He deserves to be US president for another seven years.

After Trump becomes US President again, he should look into destroying the propaganda media. I would make a list of these bad journalist departments and channels and smash them from the inside. No executive President should have to take this type of false written propaganda and visual media. Many people consider Trump to be the political messiah and its time for Trump to crucify these false media channels.