President Trump’s Call to the American Dream and Heritage

2 min readOct 9, 2020


Oct 9, 2020, 12:00am

I have to *make* another post about Trump. Some folks are waiting for other posts, at this time, this is more critical. Many people think that I am talking about President Trump because I may have a lot in common with Trump. There is no truth in this. I have nothing in common with him. But the role Trump has taken in the three years and especially last few months, he has entered into a realm few people realize.

Trump is putting “America first” using the principle of looking out only for #1 which is you. His policies and deals are making United States selfish, which is good. Look at his foreign peace-deals. Like a master leader, he is also paying attention to everyone (always greeting families, members, leaders). And like Jesus, Trump is insulting his naysayers and calling out his opponents.

About California’s wild fires problem. Trump has said vegetation and forest in California were badly managed (not cleaning dry wood will definitely cause a firestorm). Instead of listening to Trump, the officials in California blamed the fires on global warming, politics, and part on Trump. Hence California fire continue.

In last night’s 2nd presidential debate, senator Kamala Harris tried to manipulate America by speaking about high values but Mike Pence rightly questioned her record that showed the exact opposite of what she was saying. If you put a high value to your words but your actions show ‘differently’, that is hypocritical and called lying. And lying is not OK.

When you grow up, contexts of good and evil comes in the play. I got a feeling that radical leftists and current democrats are evil, and not in a good way.

You might wonder, why are they eevil? These people may have been unknowingly manipulated or wronged by someone, and when they are presented with this truth, cannot handle it. Some turn to revenge against everyone and create abominations in others lives. You might not understand now but this is what the “little people” and now Trump is drawn up against. Trump has not forgotten about the little people and needs four more years.

Feminist media and unknown sources try to demonize Donald Trump. He may have made few mistakes and is not perfect (because he’s a human) but he is trying to perfect America’s policies and lives. If anybody besides Trump is elected, things can get much worse. No, America shouldn’t allow that to happen.

I personally want to see what else Trump can achieve in 4 years. Re-elect Trump and let him guide to a better America. People then can go back to living their life and not worry about what happens in Washington.