Cryptocurrency Market update (60K bitcoin and Altcoin boom incoming)

@ August 13 2020, 12:00 AM

Got time to write. I thought that with quarantine, I would actually have more time to work on myself, hobbies, and literature but no I’m required to work more.

Well, the last time I mentioned bitcoin, it was $9K.

And now it exploded to $11K as I correctly predicted. Its pretty clear bitcoin will continue on this upward trend. My conservative price was $15,000 and $30,000 dollars, now it is $60,000 per BTC (all the way up to $150,000). There is so much money going into btc, cryptocurrency, and blockchain tech. Bitcoin boom, as well as altcoins season, is starting.

I have been following the updates of crypto companies I mentioned in earlier posts. Most of them are ‘progressing’ and up in value. These are projects with “real world” uses. I’m mining crypto too. I have put up virtual blockchain consoles and master nodes that mine coins.

Tomorrow. I’ll post three-more amazing cryptocurrency projects in one shot. They are at extremely cheap prices and a profit opportunity for crypto investors. I also will make another stock market update and US Elections post.

a random thought. I have noticed people say that they are ‘bored’ during quarantine. I look at them like I have seen a ghost. There is so much to do in a single day or each week that how can you be bored? When I‘m not at work, I have chores (currently setting up a private gym and two entertainment business projects) and mind keeps thinking. Well known fact that people are always thinking about themselves. If this is true, then why are they bored and not taking actions to improve?

/ Saleem


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