America, vote for Donald j. Trump today

3 min readNov 3, 2020


@ Nov 03 2020, 12:00 AM

oh dang! I missed like a lot of posts.

Election day so one more push for Trump. The reason I choose Trump as US president is not because he has competition from Joe Biden (actually I’m convinced Biden is losing pieces of his mind and many Americans have abandoned him) but because of Trump’s actions toward feminist ideology rampant in the US today. Nothing really wrong with feminism until it starts to poison human interaction. Also, people are confused about ‘feminism’. To me Trump in his dealings with advanced leaders has removed the modern liberal crazy feminist stance. His strong conservative position with few moderate policies is what America wants. I really like Trump’s immigration and foreign policy.

Step back and see the outsider view.

Here is President Trump working every day being a honest politician and trying to improve life in America. He sees the apocalypse ‘radical left’ are trying to bring. Along with the corrupted media and newspapers, the radical left (like radical Islam), try to force, shame, and hoax Trump from all angles (financial, personal, psychological). It can be draining to deal with fraud and attacks all the time. But Trump is mentally strong, has resources, and knows how to play the game.

Looking at it from Trump’s view. Here you are, being honest to the world, making progress in the White House, stock market going up, better trade policy, and America recovering in the midst of a virus plague. And then you have the false media, the corrupt socialized groups doing dirty tactics, politically attacking you constantly to remove you from Office. You have no choice but play the same dirty games just to ‘stay’ in office. But you do not like dirty games because it’s not you. This is the spot Trump is in and regular Americans should see this.

I hope these dirty political battles do not transform Trump’s good moral character.

some viewpoints

-After watching Savannah Guthrie from nbc and Kamala Harris, they should learn some ‘class’. Observe the First lady Melania, a modern day Katherine Hepburn.

-When President Trump got sick, the media portrayed Trump as fragile, and essentially wanted him to die. I think I said before, time to take these bad media outlets out.

-Common people can help United States demographics by voting Trump.

-Trump should think and focus ahead and not let the Democrat liberal anarchists have another chance to come back in 2024.

-I mentioned ‘little people’ in the last post. I meant people without political power or wealth. The little people are “average” people who aren’t in a given position of strength because of life circumstances (but I believe anyone can work to overcome and rise to a position of strength).

-So why did I start writing about President Trump? I dunno. Maybe a invisible hand guided me. But reality showed “something” was wrong and I had to write about it. Is society starting to reflect my thoughts as well?

-America is currently trending towards the conservatives. Trump will win again as he is popular with the conservative base.

-Imagine the potential for prosperity if mainstream media supported and promoted Trump on their channels instead of the nonsense ridicule.

-I’m surprised at how Trump has been making the right moves and running a successful political campaign while Biden’s camp are on the wrong side of many trends. Biden’s Democrat side is an absolute mess.

Trump has got the message of compassion and self-sacrifice and he changed months ago. What do you think?

Support President Trump’s purpose, don’t let him die. Vote Trump.